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0:17 Dark Knight Returns. 2:42 how sad is it! All the world against him. Batman vs Joker coming out Saturday. I love Hans Zimmer. The Asian lady playing violin is Mary Ann Calhoun. She's awesome and played and toured with Steve Vai before this. 0:15 amazing performance. looks like a 5 year old on christmas morning. Certainly my best entrance. Even better than my appearance in Batman Begins.


The more you grow older the more you start appreciating this masterclass work.

The Dark Knight.

Guys. i dont think hes wearing hockey pads.

One of my favorite parts of the entire movie.

3:46 wtf 🤣😂😭😂😂 I'm dying someone pls explain 😂. Police officer: What is that a bazooka? Me just a normal person: Looks more like an RPG. This movie is put down by many people because its batman but its nothing like the normal type superhero movies and anyone of loves action has to see this once in a life time- come lets put it back into the cinema again. He asks him for a minute 😂. The irony at 0:48 the joker playing a practical joke by setting a fire engine on fire. 3:15 the music always give me chills. Movie online the dark knight: le chevalier noir wine. I infact never paid attention to a scene the joker was not in, in my opinion this was 100% Heaths movie... his acting is so surreal.

When i first heard about The dark knight i thought 'Not another batman movie' but then my cousin made me go and since then I have went to see it twice in the cinema and seen it about 6 times on DVD. It is the best movie ever- Christian bale gives a good performance(even with the too of deep voice) But what takes it is Heath Ledger as the joker which is the best villain ever. 47:02 Song. As much as I love the Marvel movies, NONE OF THEM come close to this masterpiece. The Dark knight is better than Avengers: we waited for endgame for a long time.


The story was good(again the joker made it)and most of the characters were good(actress who played Rachel dawns wasn't great. 2:41, that guy in the garbage truck is ded right. 3:00 Just a time stamp to test my new earphones/headphones. Wow! It's so. wow! I've always taken a liking to Batman, including many of the other superheroes such as Superman, Wonder Woman etc etc and the Batman movies (not too many I can remember seeing) were pretty good and decent, but this one. wow! Out of this world! The movie takes place right after Batman Begins (and yes it is a sequel if some of you did not know that, it's best for you to go watch the first one before going to see The Dark Knight) and this one, as you may of known or heard of, focuses on the new villain The Joker (everyone's favorite Batman villain) play by none other than the great Heath Ledger (who passed away 6 months before the movie's released T_T) also, you will see that Batman's rocky relationship with Rachel (who is play by Maggie Gyllenhaal, who replace Katie Holmes from the first movie) has hit rock bottom when she starts dating a guy named Harvey (Whose play by Aaron Eckhart) Everyone from the first movie has return (expect of course Katie Holmes as I already mention) and you get to see a lot of surprises while watching the film. Heath Ledger has totally pull it off! At first when I had saw the previews last year, I find it weird that they chose him to play The Joker, but after watching it today, it's like wow! That guy knows how to act! The movie is two and a half hours long, but you'll never have a dulling bored moment once you get hooked on it! You will find a lot of action and some great humor stunt by Heath. Besides being known for his role in Brokeback Mountain, Heath Ledger will always be remember forever in our hearts for a long time! We love you Heath. May you rest in peace.

4:08 The smoking brunette in the tall leg stockings strokes her violin. My favorite part of the symphony. Joaquin Phoenix: Hold my beer. When Alfred said he failed. My heart broke. I could hear it. That look of wonder on Jim's face when sees the spotlight and whispers Batman to himself is just the best thing. And now here we are waiting for the upcoming Matt reeves Batman movie. Hoping for a masterpiece from him same as to this legendary masterpiece.

3:47 - 3:52 Masterpiece acting.


Still gives me goosebumps after all these years. Amazing score by Hans Zimmer.




  • 1000 / 1000